IQ - Headlong lyrics

I'm here
The ragged burden come to nothing, comfort go
We drift
I talk with you and hear you though you're never here
Hovering above me like a net
I'm terrified to look beyond the threat
I kill ambition while I can

I'm cold
I drag the beauty, black confetti swept away
Stumbling, we go blindly marching on
Bursting like a dream and now all gone
In time I know we'll fly again

Frail as ever, still the most severe
Haven't I surrendered everything now?
Naked in my cruellest waking fear
From the rages of the weightless sleep

"Who will catch him falling?" called the wind
"I will claim him," volunteered the grave
"Marry me forever," cried the bride
Said the orphan, "Who'll remember me?
Anyone at all?
Are you coming back?"

From the moment we were torn
Thrown into the tunnel, we withdrew
Whiter colours then untied
Don't desert me now, I'm coming through

I fought the memory of beautiful things
The only strength I got from wanting you
All the love I've been needing
The hunger is feeding on me
Spirit, bear me away
To the place of birth

You, you put the fear in
The fear of flying
The breath of dying
You want a sign
You want a sign
It's already there