Hyland - Heart To Life lyrics

So let's start this over
It just takes the littlest spark
To get your heart to start beating again

Is this the end?
I know that you need this I'm your match tonight
And oh let's make amends
And this is the season where hearts reignite

Soul mates is a strong phrase
Where do we go when our fates
Keep getting in our way?

I'm praying again that I'll catch your eye
I'm falling in love for the last time
We have tonight
To bring your heart to life
I'm praying for courage to speak my mind
I'm head over heels and I'm tongue tied
We have tonight
To bring your heart to life

One last bet my money's on you babe I'm calling your bluff
Oh I can't forget the tell that's on your face I'm going all in

All of these things that get in the way
Love at first sight is your greatest mistake
I've got my reasons I'm leaving tonight
Love is remorse when you don't give it a try