Hunter Revenge - Twenty-Four Hour Party Zone lyrics

I'll tell you something
I like your smile
If you're not busy
I'll be here for a while
I've got your number
On my speed dial
When i call you up
You gotta come on down
And strut that sexy style

'cause last night's party is still going on
It's a twenty-twenty-four hour party zone
If you came to party, you can't go wrong
It's a twenty-twenty-four hour party zone

I saw your brother
On my way uptown
He said you lover's
Been messing 'round
You said, "that mother ____!
I should've known!"
And i said, "there's just one place
Just one place that you got to go"

Don't be shy, don't be scared
The more you look, it's everywhere
Over here, it's over there
On the floor, it's in the air
All your cares, all your grief
Double-o, you best believe
You got to leave your world and
Come to the party with me