Humanwine - Vast The Olde World, Then Sails lyrics

They say the sky will come down in flames

But its always been burning

Paled over time the circles that we've burnt

Will come back to feed

At our heels from tail to teeth

Into the stomach of bile

Trained under gun and programmed 'till empty

A husk of human

Until it's undone

We're drowning inside

There's nothing inside

Anecdotal we're pinned by locks

Reciting riddles from Rome

We're treading deeper on a road

Someone has already named

You stumble through the door and you watch

As the tender pours another scotch

You cradle your hands to light a cigarette

Though no wind is in the room

But the Perfume


And the "Lady in Red" wishes you were dead

You wish it too

Go ahead take it all away!

Start with my brain...

See if I care

She walks in beauty like the night and all that jazz...

My thoughts have careened into chaos and now I'm without control

I wanna go

Out into the street

And me random asshole

Will ensue

A violent brawl for comfort

Alas, amongst these bitter biting snakes

That writhe about my brain resides

A light

A light of sickening brightness...

Unscathed by the filth that consumes it

Attempting to rock it to sleep

Attempting to rock it to sleep

To sleep. To sleep. To sleep.