Human Drama - Solemn Sun Setting lyrics

Admit what you are like you admitted before
You never hid you spoke the truth
No matter what it is said about you

Admit what you are like you did so many times
Write the words that lie inside
It is still all you are

I crossed my heart so many times not even I believe
Opened up my eyes to see
Love does not belong in hands like these

There is nothing more to learn
Time to close, not for concern
As the solemn sun sets

You've read all the books made the meanings what
You wished
Every lie you justified
The lead role was always yours

You cheated love then screamed
Rearranging every scene
Shaking loose in angers rage
The foundation on which you stand

I fought truth for oh so long
My eyes can't see
My heart won't feel
In this corner I sit still but my thoughts never will