Human Collapse - Self-Inflicted Thoughts lyrics

Like a rainstorm of glass,
To view what has become of you disturbs the blood in my body
To advance through another class,
Of what you've been teaching so perfectly,
Adjusting my life's beginning,
To follow your never-ending trail,
Leading right into a wall of decapitation and thoughts to feed the boredom
Over-fed since the day I couldn't get rid of you,
Hatred echoing in a forest where a fallen tree can be heard with noone around,
The axe slicing like lava-tipped razorblades would through fresh flesh
The collapse equals to the quakes I've dealt with for years,
In this conjuration of a fucked up mind.

Across the road holds the place, captive of you
That house must be hell,
Like amplified brimstone and horrific flames
To see you, in charge, the leader of the demonic pack,
Surprising... I think not.
Bursting forward through the blood clot,
Continues the precious bone rot,
Narrow-minded skull fractures in dedication to you,
Battle scars from what I've barely made through
Heres to what this year has defied,
I congratulate you for staying alive,
Time's hands have spun around the clock, goodbye,
And heres to me wishing you would die.