Hourcast - Imbalance lyrics

There is no way to reach you
There is nothing to say
Things don't always have to be this way
For you...
Whatever the purpose
What brings on the change
There is no one to teach you
This all can change

I know you've been hurting
It's written all over your face
So just surrender the feelings warm embrace
For once...
So quit your drowing your sorrows
Feels like you're running in place
And inside you just want it all to change
For good...

There's no hope for tomorrow
It's all frozen in space
Can you remember how your life was replaced?
Now it's gone
Whatever your reason
How much pain will you take?
It's not too late till you're empty
There's not much left till you break
You're drifting through life and you'll never be
Who they want you to be still you can't see
You're along for the ride and you're never free
In the end you will die, are you listening?
Are you listening?