Hotknives - Another Day lyrics

Looking out from the insides
Star trekkin' with the three blind mice
Is it just a mystery?
Bad thoughts and a Viva, this is me
After time "C'mon, drink up, mate!"
Smoking dope at the factory gate

It's another time, it's another place
Broken bottles smashing on the stage
And they're laughing

Look where it got me
It's just another day
Look where it got me
Just another place

Expressionless faces
Staring from the lit dance floor
Can you see me or hear me?
They watch, they shout, they cry for more
Stagger home in a drunken state
Up for work you can't be late

It's another place, it's another time
All the feeling gone and left behind
And they're laughing

Take a look where it got me
Another place in another time
Look where it got me
Just a place in another time