Horace Pinker - Texas One Ten lyrics

It feels good that the streets are wet
Small relief from the summer heat
Small dreams, and memories
Of sweet tea we seen

So much further lost than east
But el paso's only a few days back
There's nothin' ahead but the tracks
This train moves slower the further we get away

This notebook's filled and it's only been three days

I haven't slept since texas one ten
But it's hard without your dreams
It's not that i'm getting old, it's just nothin's new to me

It hurts more to arrive than leave
I never knew it got so cold
Everyplace i go is close, but know that it's not home

El paso seems like years ago
And i know now that it is
This place moves faster than the roads
But i pay no attention to them

I still find dreams of texas one ten
But it's not from lack of sleep
It's not that i'm getting tired
I'm just tired of staying awake