Hook N Sling - Break Yourself (feat. Far East Movement) (2015)

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Hook N Sling - Break Yourself (feat. Far East Movement) lyrics

All these freaks around me, playin' they don't wanna leave
All this weed around, I'm only smokin' on the finest tree S
o break yourself, betta break yourself K
ing of the chill, playin' the life

And you're like just rolling blunts for me when I drive
Two symphonies stay polite
So push away in K-Town like a bag of rice
Two dokes, and I'm loco (loco)

Bitch give me head while I'm flippin' off the popo
Pimp shit, take a zip of the potion
I'm acting these hoes, put that ass in the motion
That's post sin, all that dope flip like a roach clip

On a big chick with her own shit
Bakin' in yo house, girl I'm in it now Yo,
I turn it out, turn it out