Hoodwink - 93 Supreme (2012)

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Hoodwink - 93 Supreme lyrics

Since a boy I was determined to make it
I was bred for the long run homie I can't fake it, I patternized greatness/
Did hide behind basic, and tried to exercise patience, the chapters of this life? /
I had to analyze pages
Was flipping through the struggles and I dog-eared amazing
Was whipping up the future in my little mental basement/
Modern day placement, peep a picture of me posted/
Posted with a pitcher pouring fuck your thoughts potion/
Never could I, I ever let you hold me
Just give em hell fuck the rest, that’s what mama told me/
I slid past the fast folks, collect when I pass go, feeling like Kobe with that
Mutherfucking afro/ Niggas playing games, I ain't playing this ain't Hasbro/
Toying with success and strictly buoyant over stress/ Niggas think their pumping now?/ I think they pump less/ Cause you ain't really pumpin UNLESS/

I was in the turning lane vibing when the vision came clearer, than VVS’ on your neck or talks up in the mirror/ I was thinking about the money, and just how to make it nearer/ If lifes a bitch then why the fuck we sweat her when we’re with her?/ That ain't never been my pedigree, If anything Ill set her free/ And let her choose up, ‘cause she will never find a better me/ Im Hoodwink, I speak what the hood think/ Its nevermind what they say/ cause words are just for play/ Action is where its happening/shots to Sarge and the Capt/ Free game is for suckers, im packaging while im taking/You see him on the way, he’s on the rise, I tried to told em/ Im spilling so much Juice, that Brawny couldn’t hold em/ The pressure is irrelevant, was never in my culture/ And don’t move unless their bringing out the vulture/ And 9 times outta 10 it be you Urkles that they circle, my state of mind: Purple/