HoneyChrome - Cross (2014)

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HoneyChrome - Cross lyrics

It’s a mystery, this universe.
What comes later, what comes first?
What is? Who gives birth?
Who invented murder?
Who was the one to decide if life or death is in the sky?
Innocent, drive by left a body to die.
Spirit’s gonna fly, but who’s the one to say goodbye?

This life is confusing me.
Who am I? When did I learn how to breathe?
I found a way. I made it.
Everybody gonna find out now.
Everybody gonna find out.
Cross in the sky, do you believe this guy?
Cross in the sky, he died.
Cross in the sky, do you believe this guy?
Close my eyes, I’m not afraid to die.

Was it rebirth or a catalyst?
Who put me up to this?
Was it Homer? Was it Oedipus?
Will the President tell me how to live?
Can we unlock this and crack the code?
All gonna die, don’t wait.
Was it rebirth or Oedipus?
Who’s gonna see me through this?
If danger or perilous, I got an ancient secret.
If you choose to seek it.