Holy Molar - The Night Pocahotass Spread Her Land O' Lakes lyrics

Whilst a battle cry I scalped off loose little siouxsie soiux's chastity lock witth a karate chop job and bruised my name on those parts for scrap and reuse, those mega double d backbreakers, oh what nutcrackers! Toy soldiers march on in and conquer a perky python with a snorkel ducking down that manhole to tackle Dan Morino's sewer dolphin. Hook and line her, that darned butter fingered stinker! Land o' lakes pocahotass temptin' muffin margarine meltin' joie de vivre oh oui oui oui mon frer sneaky thieving jewels through that safety deposit box lunchable monks on missionary positions crowned that jewess until out drained another pearl neclace