Holopaw - Short-Wave Hum (Stutter) lyrics

Fold the KOA map until we're shoulder to shoulder
Take the horseshoe from the embers, set it in the snow
Hook your finger in a coffee cup for a tiny little anchor
Drop the needle on the record, let it drift into the black
Standing at a spacewalk tether filtered through a short wave hum
Sliding across telephone wires that run under the chill sea
"Hello loretta."
"Darling, I knew it was you
Don't you know that your wide open spaces and shivering places
Are the push pins on the map I'm pouring over"
Hey little fare ye well.
What's with the big bottom lip?
Did your candles on the cake burn so low
That you couldn't read the salutation?
Standing on a glacial glow
Horseshoe frozen below my feet
Taking it's sweet time
Tumbling towards the ocean
You're steady losing that campfire glow
But deep in the bunkhouse there's a spark
Shoulder the reciever and breathe a barely-there "hello"
Words slide across telephone wires
Words slide across telephone wires
Stutter under the crush of green water.