Hollywood Undead - Apologize lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Chorus:]
, We don't apologize
, And that's just the way it is
, But we can harmonize
, Even if we...
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Hollywood Undead - Apologize (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Chorus:]
ZH: [合唱:]

EN: We don't apologize
ZH: 我们不会道歉的

EN: And that's just the way it is
ZH: 这就是刚才的那种

EN: But we can harmonize
ZH: 但我们可以统一

EN: Even if we sound like shit
ZH: 即使我们就像狗屎

EN: Don't try to criticize
ZH: 不要试图批评

EN: You bitches better plead the fifth
ZH: 你的母狗更好地恳求第五

EN: We've been idolized
ZH: 我们已经一直非常崇拜

EN: Role models for all the kids
ZH: 所有的孩子的榜样

EN: [J-Dog]
ZH: [J-狗]

EN: You heard us before but that was just a little sample
ZH: 你听到了我们在前,但那是只是一个小小的样本

EN: We're back for more here to set a worse example
ZH: 我们在这里回的更多设置一个更糟的例子

EN: Chop it up white stuff let's begin
ZH: 砍成白色的东西让我们开始

EN: Big wolves linin' up and scorin' little pigs
ZH: 大狼 linin' 和 scorin' 小猪

EN: Still drunk and we're doin' it again
ZH: 醉酒,我们仍就干 ' 它再次

EN: With a huff and a puff I'm blowin birds on your shit
ZH: 与蒸汽吞吐和粉扑我是听着你飘荡鸟

EN: Learn it out pitch black grin still white skin
ZH: 学习它出黑色沥青咧嘴仍然白皮肤

EN: You know I'm hard to kill but real I'm movin' in
ZH: 你知道我很难杀了,但真正住

EN: I'm puttin' 22 down while I'm pukin' up blood
ZH: 虽然我很想把血下来把 22

EN: You know I'm here to stay well fuck I'm gonna die young
ZH: 你知道我在这里待我要早死的好妈

EN: Yo my posse's gettin' big and my posse's gettin' bigger
ZH: 哟我波塞越来越 '大而我波塞越来越' 更大

EN: It's 188 minus one you know the figure
ZH: 它是 188 减一你知道图

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: [Charlie Scene]
ZH: [查理场景]

EN: It's easy to be drunk when it's hard to be sober
ZH: 它很容易被喝时很难保持清醒

EN: Imma steal your leased rover and pull police over
ZH: 风雨窃取您租用的流浪者和拉警方在

EN: I'm a mean smoker who reaks of weed oder
ZH: 我是一个卑鄙的烟民谁的 reaks 杂草奥得河

EN: Certified street soldier devil on your teens shoulder
ZH: 认证的街头战士魔鬼你十几岁的肩膀上

EN: Don't invite Scene over he pee's at sleep overs
ZH: 不要在睡眠旁白结束他尿尿邀请现场

EN: He asked your sister out so that he could cheat on her
ZH: 他问你姐姐出去了,这样,他背叛了她

EN: What a creep loner, shit i couldn't sink lower
ZH: 徐变孤僻,妈的我不能下沉较低

EN: You just got a mean boner from a Charlie Scene poster
ZH: 你刚从查理现场海报平均勃起

EN: If I'm poppin' a wheelie it means I'm jackin your bike
ZH: 如果我是鞋油挤它意味着我要高飞你的自行车

EN: Got my middle finger raised as I'm runnin' red lights
ZH: 还有我的中指提出,因为我要演红色灯

EN: I'm known to punch 'em in the dick at the end of a fight
ZH: 我知道要就揍在一次战斗结束迪克

EN: And I never say I'm sorry at the end of the night
ZH: 我从来没有说年底的夜抱歉

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: [J3T]
ZH: [] J3T

EN: So many dollars stuffed in my wallet
ZH: 那么多钱塞在我的钱包

EN: Chain so bling yeah you know that I'm a balla
ZH: 链所以 bling 是的你知道我是镇流

EN: We can take the blame cuz your parents don't wanna
ZH: 我们可以采取你的父母不想指责因为

EN: They roll their blunts with your marijuana
ZH: 他们击退他们与你大麻钝

EN: How can I run when the pigs got a chopper
ZH: 如何可以运行时猪有一架直升机

EN: I got a gun but they got a lotta
ZH: 我一把枪,但他们有多

EN: Shootin' at the sky with a mother fuckin' sawed off
ZH: 射在天空与该死的母亲被锯掉

EN: God bless a catholic forgive me father
ZH: 上帝保佑天主教原谅我的父亲

EN: Now what's a man to do when another holds a Bible
ZH: 现在要做时另一个拥有一本圣经的人是什么

EN: A lot of kids suing me holdin' me liable
ZH: 很多孩子告我里拿着啥我承担责任

EN: Reflections of a kid and they call him suicidal
ZH: 一个孩子的思考他们叫他自杀

EN: Dead beat such a sinner but we call him a child
ZH: 死打这样一个罪人,但我们叫他的孩子

EN: How can you blame him a play ground they're dealin
ZH: 你怎能责怪他他们是盘点的戏剧地面

EN: The mother still buyin' and the father still preachin'
ZH: 仍想买的母亲和父亲仍然布道

EN: And now it's up to me cuz no one's gonna teach him
ZH: 现在它是我因为没有人会来教他

EN: Now nobody, nobody needs 'em
ZH: 现在没人,没人需要他们

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]