Holding On - Appetite For Destruction lyrics

I never thought. I never cared. It never bothered me. But then I saw how I helped a senseless system of suffering. Taught not to care. No reasons for the lives we steal. Taught not to care. We don't need to trade a life for a meal. A selfish way that we don't need (We don't need it). A diet based on lies and based on greed. Who are we to give ourselves the right? We have no right. We've tried to justify our ways for so long. Living in denial. Believing that nothing is wrong. The truth is wrapped in a clever disguise. We buy and eat their fucking lies. We can't continue to live like this. Thinking only of ourselves is so destructive. Just continue to waste the food. Waste the lives. Waste the land. The blood is on your hands. The blood is on your hands