Hogwarts Trainwreck - Hermione Granger's Hot lyrics

Hermione might be hot, but she's a Mudblood
So we outta beat her up
Her parents are Muggles, so I'm gonna get in trouble
But still - Hermione Granger's hot
She cleaned up nice at the Yule Ball dance
I couldn't help to stare
But she was with Krum, that creepy Quidditch bum
I don't know why I even care

My rich dad says to stay away
She's not a worthy witch
And on the balance, if I treasure my allowance,
I shouldn't get within an inch

My heart belongs to Slytherin still is a withering
Every time she's in the room
It's so troubling my cauldron is a bubbling
And I wanna let her ride my broom

How could I let her steal my heart
It's got to be a spell
I've got a notion; I was slipped a potion
She handles a wand so well