Hogwarts Trainwreck - Back To Hogwarts lyrics

The leaves are a turnin' and you know what that means. Back to Hogwarts for all you young wizards in trainin'. And at a time such as this, there's only one place to get all your school needs: Diagon Alley. We got it all. From books to brooms, cauldrons to quills. Over thirty stores and pubs just waitin' to serve ya. And we're given special deals to all first years. Get the ingredients for spells class along with a cauldron to stew 'em in for half of the regular price. And if that aint enough, we'll though in a sheaf of our brand new, super light weight parchment. Just right for sendin' letters back home for mum and dad. They'll get there faster and your owl'll love you for it! What's that? You ain't got an owl yet? Well get yer wee self into Eeylops Owl Emporium. Like they say "you need a bird to send out the word" come on down to Diagon Alley! After all, where else you gonna get this stuff?