Hogjaw - The Fog lyrics

The Fog
Jb Jones

Copyright 2008 Swampjawbeamusic LLC

I got myself into a mess
These last few months it seems
The words I said and what I did
Ain’t exactly what I mean

There comes a time when feelings die
And the only thing left is a friend
So we part ways, on our own
Pain drifts as time will mend

(Chorus 1)
And I don’t want to lead you around
truth be told I done lead myself
I done enough you’re wearin’ the frown
As I put you up high on the shelf

Days go by I realize just what it is we done
You say I try to hide, turn my tail and run
that’s not it, you never made your stand
Not even when I stood and held your hand

(Chorus 2)
I don’t want to lead you around
You never tried to be yourself
Too many times, you laid down and died
In the end it’s the hand you dealt

Here we are, the fog rolled right in
You say I quit and let you go
That may be true, but I still love you
Why didn’t you step up and show
(Chorus 3)
And I remember yesterday
The thought of us and your smiling face
If the road remained unchanged
Maybe we’d be in a different place