Hog Heaven - Theme From A Thought lyrics

Did you ever stand alone
With a Bible in your hand?
Though you try, you can't understand.
So you cry, if there's a God,
You've got to see him now.

But you get no reply
To the plea you made.
You never get an answer to the prayers you prayed.
And you don't know if you really believe
Or you're just afraid.

And every shot that we fire,
Though a distant sound,
Seems to echo in the streets of our own home town.
And suddenly we find ourselves
On a strange, new battleground.

And all the words that we've written
And the songs we sang
About lovin' one another won't mean a damn
If we don't bury our pride
Before we bury our fellow man.

Did you ever stop and think
What is love? Where is Jesus?
Why are we dyin'? Doesn't anyone care?
Oh, Lord, where's it gonna end?