Highwater Rising - Lie Awake lyrics

She'd be working
in the night time
I'll be working
in the day
we sleep together
on occasion
but it seems so
it seems so far away
I hate to fall asleep
here without her
I'm scared of what
the nightime will say
I need to have more
than on occasion
till these nightmares
till these nightmares go away
so I lie awake
I lie awake and I
think about her till I
fall fast asleep
and I can't wait
till she will call
and wake me from this foolish nightmare
but in the mean time
l'li be dreaming
that she ieft me
or I ieft her in the niqht
comfort comes to me
when I see her
but she won't be
no she won't be in my sight
and say hey
you know I love you too
it's just a bad dream baby
bad dream baby
it won't come true
and I know I know
I know you love me two
it's been a bad night baby
bad night for me and you