Highest Place - Quantic Macrorealms lyrics

Sphere of grand time related existences
We sometime feel an unknown connection

Links to other realms in some unique places
Layered one on one as a great sedimentation

Is reality split into complete pieces?
All being one but in part at the same time
Or the possibilities forever stay untouchable?
Remorse being justified but never wishable

Rhythmic complexity shining trough the windows of science
Theories remaining contradictory in their essence
As total comprehension slowly and surely arrives
Generations must in their quest of knowledge strive

In a quanta representing an opportunity
The macro realms of shinning possibilities
Purging itself in the essence of the mortal
As the lapse of time becomes fatal

Choices that are made
Wont ever fade
For most of us, useless regrets
Wont do any reset
The channel has been set