Heypenny - Parade lyrics

super, this is great, thank you all so much
for the parade is never ending
bring it all on
I know you will not let it up,
twirlin and flippin all of the music's playin louder,
it's all out of tune
just turn it up, oh yeah, crank it out
it's the shittiest rock 'n roll ever played by anybody
but you're singin great
I love the bass, it's shakin me everything is blurry,
my ringin ears are bleeding out
I'm droppin my head uh-oh
slappin me, tellin me never,
no never ever look away from these bodies
especially when we all are struttin,
shakin and showin we're throwin a party for you today
so don't forget,
you're right I'm so sorry
look I'm just a paper-thin, breakable person
sometimes I lose my concentration,
but heavens no I never will forget
the generosity shown by all the marchers
and performers that I'm seein
cheers to you all

mariay, you're in the bomb's way
the whole parade
is in the bomb's way

wait a minute I get it,
soon you'll be eyein my pocket
lookin for a dollar,
I better go, see ya -
no, no don't leave us now,
no, you haven't seen all that we got
plus there's refreshments,
here they are now, -
oh goodie I love chocolate cake,
bring me a few pieces
I am really, really hungry,
oh, you wanna help
yeah make a fist and crammin chocolate in,
breakin my teeth all to pieces
oh it tastes bloody, but you keep mashin it down


oh, oh takin my hands, tying them around me
like I'm some kind of dangerous person
oh, it's just a show, I love it
tossin me to the street and I'm floppin all over
you all are laughin at me funny,
like I'm part of a joke, oh no
you keep surprising me
what with the chains and the bats
and the broken glass
I mean who would've guessed,
so many weapons could be used against one person,
I was just passin by
what a show, what a show, what a show, what a show!