Herman Düne - With A Tankful Of Gas lyrics

If my car won't start until the morning comes
With a tankful of gas and with the radio on
Beautiful music: velvet underground
Such a nice drive with the velvet underground
Such a nice drive, we're looking at the countryside
With te golden sky above, fighting with the farmer's wife
My hands full of mud and blood. i think she deserves it
For the harm she did to my brothers the pigs and my sisters the cows
What a hard fight with the farmer's wife
What a hard fight but the bitch she deserves it
And after all this when you look at me baby
Will you see as a vegetarian hero?
Will you remember my name? will you say my name?
Will you spell my name with your high school friends?
Sitting on the staircase, on the staircase over there
Sitting on the staircase, smoking weed on the staircase