Herbie Hancock - Lite Me Up lyrics

You got the power to turn on my light
When the rest of the world is in darkness
You give me feelings no man could deny
Girl there's something bewitching in you
I need you here by me every night and day
There ain't no words describin' the magic you make

So baby lite me up with your love
Only you can make my temperature rise
We got to give it all that we got
Make those wildest fantasies fly
Come on and lite me up with your love
Won't you lead me to that heaven I need
'Cause girl you know I can't get enough
Lady lay that sweetness on me

You got a motion that melts up my mind
Every time that I see it in action (movin' so good)
There ain't no potion a doc could prescribe
That would stop me reactin" to you
I'm gonna feed your passion with all my soul
I need to hold you tight girl until I get old

Don't need no dreams 'cause a dream won't get it
Want your sugar today
Ain't gonna stop 'cause my heart won't let it
Now and ever after gonna love this life away

You are the answer to every desire
Got me runnin' so hot that I'm steamin' (makin' me fry)
There ain't no question I'm feelin' the fire
'Cause this motor's been burnin' for you
I'm gonna feed your passion with all of my soul
Tonight I'll turn you on till we're out of control