Her Space Holiday - Always Isn't Anymore lyrics

It's finally 2am
But it doesn't seem that late
I should still go home
And try and concentrate
On something not so sad
To keep me from going completely mad

So I turn on all the lights
And waiting there for me
Is a bent and broken note
That came from Germany
It had no return address
Just the word "DEPRESSED"
- what a mess

The first line that I read
Said "I hope you're sitting down
'cause the news I got is gonna knock you out
It's about my only son, your music, and a loaded gun,"
- what fun

You know, as I push this pen
It wasn't dipped in blame
We're the only ones in charge
Of the choices that we make
So just hope for the best
But prepare for the worst
No matter how much it hurts

So if you feel the way I do
Put your fingers up inside your wounds
And lift apart that innocence
That joins us at this broken hip

No matter how much it hurts
No matter how much it hurts
No matter how much it hurts