Henry Rollins - Obscene lyrics

I磎 so confused
Can磘 find the line
Between what I use and abuse

So unreal
How I lie and try to deny
The things that I feel

I�?l love you and hate you both at the same time
Heal you and hurt you and laugh as you cry

Why I don磘 know
Right at you right in you
Right thru you right past you I go

Can磘 you see
First it磗 him then it磗 her
Then it磗 us then it磗 you
Then it磗 me

Misery, depression, elation all mine
Refine, confinement all my design

You and me
Pathetic we cling
We think that we磖e free

You and me
You see, you see the real me

So obscene
Flapping wildly
You see what I mean

Keep away
Can磘 see why you do what you do
And say what you say