Hello Apathy - Capitalism lyrics

Yo, moderation keeps me from faking
sloppy inflation of hate for my nation.
No sir i won't go back to the state i was in
when i didn't know my president was brain dead.
See, your values are all store bought.
You take it off the shelf and
sit it on your couch and then you don't got
Individuality, a product of mortality,
the subject of what's ought to be, the definition
of being free.

Wake up every morning with your eyes wide open.
Fuck that, i can't sleep a peep without a motrin.
Never really ready for the due date.
I never get a chance to practice what i will say today.
Insufficient funds that leave me out here like a bum
got me thinking, got me drinking, see now what have i become?
A no cash, low class, street rat, news stack, notepad,
scribble down the truth and make the better moments last.

Don't give away what you have saved, you won't last a day in the USA
Don't give away what you have slaved, you won't last a day in the
Good ol' USA.