Hella Fly Cool Kids - I May Have Failed You But You Failed Me First lyrics

I got a present, dear.
A bullet for your thoughts.
The pain you can't endeer.
Have a nice rot.

I'll kick your ass,
Cause i'm brootal.
You wont last.
And i'll tell.
Every mother fucker,
That's on my block.
Heck i'll even tell fucking john hock.

I got brass knuckles,
Waiting for your face.
I got a brootal uncle,
Who will settle this case.

My fist your face.
My fist your face.
My fist your face.

I got x's and o's.
For your girlfriend.
She gave me a blow.
She gonna call me when you end.

I break hearts, and i break necks.
I make promises, and i make a wreck.

Where's the chorus to this catchy song.
Where is the rhythm.
I heard she sang it all wrong.
And, was dyinngggg.

Yeaaahi put a bullet to my brain.
I killed myself overrrrr youuu.
You all think im insane.
But you would tooooo.

Wow, this song has changed
It's a different tune.
But that's what happens.
I hear she was dead all along.
And this isnt her song.
But she still sang it for you.