Heidi Newfield - Nothin' Burns Like A Memory lyrics

Five years since you went away
Hurts like it was yesterday
Play with fire and you're gonna pay
Lord knows I'm tired of paying
I'm sick of living in the past
You took my heart and I want it back
You were my first, but you didn't last
You just caused my frustration

Tonight I'm gonna set myself free
I got a brand new recipe and it's a

A can or two of gasoline
One match and a mighty big flame
All the heartache and suffering is gonna melt inside of me
A picture book and a pile of your clothes
You and me goin' up in smoke
A surefire way of letting go,
Yeah, nothin' burns like a memory

I got a bottle of 80 proof
I'll tell ya what we're gonna do
Its two for me and one for you
Honey, here's to liberation
No more pain and misery
I finally found my rememdy and it's a


Burn baby burn xs 4