Hegerova - What Will You Give Me lyrics

"Thank you much! Welcome to my concert that is named Hana Hegerova 92. The concert that takes place on the occasion of my new album at the Supraphon company named Paberky. Like this, the baptism, the album, and something happened to me, and I don't know how that could happen, it's really against my spirit, but simply I got megalomaniac! So I said there would be the baptism, there would be the show, and there would be the television, and the lights would flash, many lights, and the stairs would be, what a silly idea, right, the stairs I almost killed myself at, and they asked me if I got an insurance, you know? So I started to watch how they do the show and I noticed that abroad, there came out a star in a stadium full of people, myriad of people, and she said that she thanked everyone to have come, right? I will tell this differently. I am glad that you have come, because I want to thank you, I want to thank you that when I was troubled and felt bad, it was you and a few of my friends that helped me. Thank you."

A stream that carries the ships knows
How hard it is sometimes to sail
Sometimes it fits I know
That it is easier to drown
Than to live

To live is a direction you know
It is love that you give
It is to lose and gain again
Log the rocks and drink from the lips
That is to love

Lala what will you give me
"my lovely life" lalala you call me
Lalalalalalalala I know you well
That's just like that of you

Lalala don't be naughty
Lalala repulsive
I don't want

Give me o night give me sleep you know
How hard it is sometimes to sleep
Life is not a breeze but a storm
That can take away
What you have

Sun let my love
Be solid as a dam
That will stop the storm
That will survive the frost
Tell me will you?

So what I want
And what I don't
Do I even know that?
Do I?

I don't want clouds and no cries
I don't want to ring at doors
I don't want a dreary patch
Do you understand?

After that it almost doesn't matter what you give me
My lovely life you say that I am nice
Lalala I know you well
That's just like that of you

Lalala wonderful
Lalala sunny

I don't want anything!