Heavy Stereo - Deep Fried Heart lyrics

Took a trip in her car
Didn’t get very far
Where’d she get such a scar
But I’d do it again & again & again
Thought we’d get to the moon
Not be back quite as soon
She living in a cocoon
But I’m digging away, dig away, dig away
It’s a long way down, to your
A long way down, to your heart
A long way down girl, to your heart
Crashed & burned a wreck in the making
Her seat belts on but oh man she’s shaking
Shuts her eyes when she’s overtaking
But I’m up on the bend, on the bend, in the end
See what you’re doing to me baby
See what you’re doing to me
So am I out of here please
Oh yes! Oh no! Oh yes!
It’s all gone hazy, with my mad bad baby
Like Rutger Haver in his finest hour
I can take it if you’ll drive with me
So come on, come on, come on.