Heavy Metal Kings - Metal In Your Mouth (feat. Q-Unique & Slaine) (2011)

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Heavy Metal Kings - Metal In Your Mouth (feat. Q-Unique & Slaine) lyrics

[Vinnie Paz]
I'm a motherfuckin chainsaw, see everything it remain raw
Why you think we brought Q-Unique and Slaine for?
The same reason that Henry the 8th was king for
The same reason Kaczynski was in the bing for
The thoughts goin through Tyson mind in his ring walk
If it's beef I suggest to you that you bring chalk
Everything is more Merciless than a Meng thought
You in county and thought that you speakin bing talk

[Chorus: scratched]
{"I feel how I feel cause I was born to kill"}
{"Ain't no love it seems the devil done stole my soul"}
{"I feel how I feel cause I was born to kill"}
{"The metal in your mouth like you was rockin braces"}

After the game ends I'm blastin from Gravesend
You rapping for gay men, I'm a master of mayhem
Ha~! The city's a pool of devils and sin
I give you the tools that'll sever your skin
Slice with the hands of a track assassin
Chokin a victim keepin the gat from blastin
I'm hopin and wishin these streets let me stack from rappin
I'm speakin of crack holdin a Magnum cannon, Q's glammin


[Ill Bill]
I'm ghetto like strawberry in the limo coppin rocks in Queensbridge
Real shit, keep your weapons concealed kid
This is for soldiers that chose to ride, those that died
Logo made of skulls and nines, murderers multiply
Soul survive, those that know their role survive, scope the sky
Vultures fly, Desert Eagle chrome collide, close your eyes
This the hellian, mind rebellion, retaliate
I have the whole New York state, aimin at your face

[Chorus] except last line changes: "Heavy metal blastin kids"

I was on a crash course with the cemetery or the task force
Shootin for the skies, I'd do anything to blast off
Rewind to ninety-nine, fuck it now I fast forward
If I could see today, this is everything I asked for
Back then I had nothin I could rap my ass off
I'm on a corner spittin raps twistin caps off
Now here I am today, people, see this is what you asked for
Not the man, not the myth
I'm your superhero with his mask off