Heaven - Where Angels Fear To Tread lyrics

this place you seek is evil the time and space stand still
we marching men dare not go the fools they venture still
the beast protect the entrance to the back road of the night
so if you think your game enough come on then step inside
you hide you seek the mystery of the night
you hide you seek the mystery and delight
time now for the darkness time to choose your side
the evil lurks from within the one thing you can't hide
they start collecting wagers he's waiting on your soul
the time is running out for you or so the story goes

fools go don't go don't go where angels fear to tread
fools go don't go don't go where angels fear to tread

this wine has whiff of seduction so you know that there's a catch
he'll give you gold and silver but there'll be no turning back
you calling me the fool but only time will tell
and heavens gates are open wide but some they call it hell

the time is now to answer be sure the one you make
the good the bad the right one the writer of the stakes
so take the time and look around your eye's not blind you see
you like the life your living it's not the place to be
won't be the one to temp you but the gates still open wide
take a chance that one way trip to hell and paradise