Heartless Bastards - Early In The Morning lyrics

Early in the morning I woke up out of bed
All my thoughts come running back, running through my head
Of how you want to debate everything you hear
And I just want to go on escaping from my fears

I don't want to follow in a path that makes me hollow
I've been living underground trying to get my spirits up
There's more than one direction to get to the same end
We don't have to agree, we don't have to agree

Since you know it all why don't you cure a disease
You're hurting my ears with your endless speech
and you act sophisticated as you're under the arches
You're sitting down now as everyone marches

And you, you know boy?
about me? oh no!
Oh I suppose our god [guy] is commin
up from the different degrees

I am on my own, am on my own
I am on my own, am on my own

Don't go shootin down roads in motion
Hell I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna change my mind i-ind
i-ind i-ind, i-ind i-ind
i-ind i-ind, i-ind i-ind

oh oh oh
oh --- oh
oh oh oh
oh --- oh
oh oh oh
oh --- oh
oh ---oh