Havok - The Ambulant Plague Of Humans lyrics

Walking flesh, routing bodies
Mindless food for the lions
Harvest the men from the fields
Kill the flame that keeps us burning

The vanguard of excessive humanity
Let me feel free
Juggernauts of all that is rotten
Let me feel ease

The time of torment is here
Exiled from life, we turn to death
For all we know he is all and
The one to never turn away

Open yourselves to the coming storm
Feel the torrent rip and pull
The excessive surge of pain
No water but flesh and blood will rain

You are the neverborn
You, the walking vermin
You, the torn
You are the perpetual plague

We are humanity
We are the world
And when we die
You die with us

Floating cyanide souls we are
Trapped in a lingering existence
Consuming ourselves with fear
Burning with anguish

A part of you aching to die
Another struggling to live
This relentless inner war
Will keep the plague walking

Force fed with grime and pride
He walks this way, this earth
And when he turns to sand
Another golem is summoned

Delay my path to grace
Void the concept of this now
Hold my time to prove myself
And bring forth my executioner

The fierce creator of life will set
And when he sets he shall shroud the world
Encrypt the universe
Kill us, the plague

And when this sequence is complete
Another awaits, another dream
Wake up
So you may sleep again

Far in the distance
Another Utopia's rising
The future is recovering
From its passed fall from grace