Have A Nice Life - The Big Gloom lyrics

Slipping in and out of an ice bath
No warmth, no life without
It's too much,
my arms, my legs are wood,
unconscious trees
with roots deep in the ground
We will all be out, soon,
an ocean ringed with tile.
I know that's not your style
but it certainly will be mine
if I can't get this right

So please,
please release me.

Can you hear my faintest breath, is it amplified?
The number that I've become will put you inside
I've got a message that I must relay
No, I can't delay it one more day (it's not going well)
It is desperate, can you relate,
can you please, please relate? (I'm not holding up)
I am trapped,
I'm stuck here on this bathroom floor
and I don't have much more hope or pride
No air, no food (but I'm sure that I'm still alive..)

Just open up your eyes, you dead ones (all ashes on the floor)
I will never need you more,
just open up your eyes,
you dead ones.