Hatfield And The North - Mumps lyrics

The Alphabet Song

I have minded my P's and Q's
Tried not to damage any W's
And if I tread upon a B
I'll pick it up and tell it earnestly "I'm sorry!"
Which of course I am
You mustn't upset them
Or badly neglect them
Or else they'll refuse to work for you

I have minded my V's and U's
Tried to prevent them being badly used
And if I tread upon the C
I tend to sink beneath the surface gracefully

As for the task of keeping O's and K's apart
You'd be right to suppose that it is quite an art
I've trod with caution round the J's and Z's
I remain a man of letters to the end
Balancing syllables upon my knees
I've flown through the air with the greatest of E's
I did what you told me to
Now I only have I's for U