Hatepulse - The Cynical Aftermath lyrics

Like lightening strikes from clear black sky
Rolled right over and fucked good bye!
Like an easy dispossable one-time treat,
Left for the vultures to prey on like meat...

Neglected, frustrated and traumatised...
- Struggling to maintain sanity
Hatred, coldness and paranoia...
- Building to burst! (Dying from within?)

... Waiting ... Longing ... Decaying ...

From the ashes of devastation a figure rose...
Swept in coldness, and carve in stone.
Dead on the inside, and dead to the outside,
Careless to the threat of world damnation,
And ignorant to the thought of human salavation!

Cleanced in pain,
A Cynical saying echoed through the (tortured) brain...
"You can never know, or trust, a person to the full extent.
To do so, you must have knowledge of this persons thoughts.
That is of course impossible.
So in this world, we are all strangers.
And every man is on his own.
So open your fucking eyes and trust no-one!!!"

[Music by Hatepulse]
[Lyrics by Kulde February - October 2002]

[Kulde - vocals]
[Vrangsinn - Instruments]