Hatecraft - River Of Pain lyrics

My heart is flamed
My sense is strained
My spirit is suppressed by bitter pain
My mind possessed
I am distressed
I am depressed
I am insane!

Dysthymia squeezed it's icy claws
Soul's thrilling so exposed
My faith is ruthless & composed

This stream is filthy like disease
Sucking souls as black hole
Insatiable mouth that gobbling me!

I'm diving & streaming with river of pain
I'm sinking and swimming again and again
Nobody can hear my harrowing cry
This river is my life I'm wishing to die!

I feel disgust
I have no trust
I've got no faith
I am forsaken exile

Wasted by fear
I'm searing hear
All that I hear
Is noise of breaking hearts

Anguish's pricking weaken brains
Iron jaws are chewing us
Storms are spinning our souls

Aggression, hypocrisy,
Greed, meanness,
Hate rules this reality
That I detest!

[Chorus x2]

I'm wishing to die!
Wishing to die!