Hate Suicide - Shell Of A Man lyrics

Here I am
Wondering where im going
And i wonder...
Where you are...
Not a day goes by
That you dont cross my mind
And i wonder...
How you are...
These past few months..
Well they've been pretty rough
And i dont know
Who i am
Inside im dying
All alone im crying
People say i've lost my mind
But I just cant forget
The way that it felt
When i was in your arms
I have just one request
Left to ask
When im gone
Wont you play this song

They say my heart it's dying
Guess i cant deny it
All thats left
Is the shell of a man
He's been broken hearted
One too many times and..
He's given all he has to give

I know its hard for you
To know what im going through
And to understand just
How hard it is
Every minute gone by
Is a minute that i've lost my mind
A little more
Remember these words that you hear
I will always be here
There's a place inside my mind
A place i like to hide
Where im still with you

Repeat Chorus:

There aint no use crying
He already died
And all that's left, is the shell of a man