Hate Suicide - Last Night lyrics

Last night I laid awake
But I still dreamed of you
And I wondered if you knew
That I still think about you
Dont you know Im still here?
Dont you know I still care?
Dont you know I'll always be
One step behind your lead

And I, I am so frail
And you, you fail
And you, you're not here
And I, I tear
And I, I am alone
And I, I feel so cold

Last night I thought about
Everything I cant live without
And without a doubt you're one thing
That I need to be complete
Holding you was the greatest joy
I ever knew besides loving you
Dont you see what this is doing to me?
Dont you see my heart bleed?
Dont you see you're all I need?
Dont you see this killing me?


Last night I cried myself to sleep
Because you're everything to me