Hassani Kwess - Dreams At Dusk (2012)

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Hassani Kwess - Dreams At Dusk lyrics

The soul is my heard beat who is in base where I'd be
Sun is from the.. I feel it in my
Body of my mind is a paradigm
I'm lifted by this gifted, I was giving form my...
Cold from my sunshine... the sunny weather
Couple tricks... from living in my sector.
..says I'm cool
Dreams of this balance is... school
Broken from the incoms 'till I pay dues
..from my past make 'em say uh,
seat backing...
What's back fly for my rapping, with a dream to make it happen
In fact I could get above the stoop
And learn the art of loop
That's something, those harmonies...
Probably cold, probably cold, shit became my cardio
So Donny flow behind the show and got my quest from Jhonny.
Where we go is time for...
..I feel the retros and my time is then
..friends and the hard work cause my time is now!
And I kept the... I neglect the future
..enough to check the sun blessing

wake up Mr...
Wake up Mr....
You're dreaming,
You're dreaming...
The truth became a...
The truth became a...
Don't take my heart!
Don't take my soul!

But the sun became ..
I plead it, but it needed me
and right then the .. broke the third war on my...
I woke the king in me,
it witnessed all this come and go...
It made me what I need to be and better
The message was addressed for greatness, I became the sender
..I was too young to remember..
..for going under, set the thunder of my slumber
and the plunder of the... got pulled away.
The baby is awake now!
The baby is awake now!
Something, something, something
Something I will become.