Hash - Orchard Moons lyrics

The good time diamonds dance the lake to autumns sickly tune
Midnight Babies eat their cake
Babies blue
Now follow you...
Tumbling through the orchard trees, fear the dawn is soon
Wicked laughter taints the breeze
Babies blue
Now to follow you
Chasing orchard moons
Chasing orchard moons...
She don't understand you, you must be this way...
Smash their heads against the night, summer babies bloom
Give them cake and make them cry
Babies blue
Taking after you...
Beat a path towards the sky, Mama died in June
Pity them, they know not why
They follow you
They are happy blue
Now I'm turning too...
Leave this midnight babies 'lone
They refuse to hear you
Let them cry and let them go
Chase their orchard moons...