Harvey Fuqua - Touch Talk lyrics

Isn't it strange how people always want to talk so much?
When half the things they say can be said with a touch
If you're trying to talk to your lovers & they don't understand
Maybe the answer is there in the palm of your hand

Let your touch talk, don't be afraid
You've got so many beautiful things that you never say
Let your touch talk, let the feeling be plain
Open up your heart to a world that's pretty to see

When you wanna say something special & the words slip your mind
Let the gentle touch be the thing that gets you out of a bind
People of today have forgotten today what the touch is about
Just put a little more in your life & you should find out

Let your touch talk, kiss your love on the cheek
You wouldn't have to say a lot of things & your rack won't be weak
Let your touch talk, yeah, don't say a thing
Hold someone you love kind of closer & feel the joy that you bring

Touch your woman. Hold her hand. Tighter. Tighter. Feels so good.

Let your touch do the talkin', let your fingers do the walkin'
Put your touch to the test, let your mouth take a rest
Let your touch talk, let the feeling be free
...& fade