Harvey Danger - The Medley lyrics


Time holds its sway,
December stalls you,
Says "that's a laughable way",
Oh, once you've had bad credit,
You'll never forget you had it.

This extra skin that i carry around,
It's not part of me,
It's just something I found,
Some gorilla had your sister on the ground.


Oh, it's not over yet. There's a reason this song is called "The Medley."

I tend to forget when I drink,
I'm doing it again, I think,
A hand to hold,
An ego to flatter,
'Cause you were the wineskin,
I was the bladder.

Time passes, and events fall away,
I don't think they'll hurry up,
Hurry up, I'm blacking out,
High on the vapour,
Cause I was the typo,
You were the Liquid Paper.

Talk it over,
Talk it, over talk it,
The answer's still the same,
It's discontent, humiliation,
Cause you were the theme and,
I was the variation.

Try to take a less dramatic,
Course of action,
This attraction, introspection,
Diction, prediction,
Breaking my heart again,
Breaking my heart.