Harvest - 101 lyrics

Face the war and honor tradition. The sacrificial lamb. Murder for the crucified. Adherence to his faith. Self indulgent bleeding. For beauty becomes the slave as the prophets take it all away. Deny the game. Lose again. The soulless figures repent the dead. Revere the faceless. Extend the motion. Support the absence of. The war tears through the fabric that unites the nation with independence. Force in our nature. The deity's ancient laws give us the right to kill. Touch the intent. Kiss the ground. Overthrown as you taste tomorrow. You've taken away the right to justice. Annihilation of civilized man. Religious sect, procured and doctored to allow for a total holocaust. The warrior remains in idol history revered for uncommon valor. As the war rages on, upon this land where I grew. So sacred and untouched. Now scarred by this revelation. You die in the name of hopeless abandon. You lie forsaking your brother's love. You die at the hands of this holy war. You die in vain for another's blood.