Harp And Lyre - Bare Knuckles Meets The Source Of The Problem lyrics

I've been walking in circles for weeks,
but I don't recognize this scenery.
And my pace is lost with rough terrain.
It's a clear shot, in a blind world,
to say if we'll ever make it back,
or make it through to make a way.
But I'm not giving up, not just yet,
I will not give in.

It hurts to walk on jagged rocks,
when we've been planning for the garden.
Fatigue sets in as panic returns. Stand firm.
Standing firm. Where does my mind meet a discontinued thought?

I continue to leak out,
understanding is gone. (Matthew 13:13)
And so leads on to yield structural decay:
Standing still.

Life must intersect more life.
It has taken me all I have.
I must apologize for my routine neglect.
I want to be proven Faithful,
but is desire contained within this shell?
From where I stand,
it seems to be a long walk to where You are,
I refuse to make a God of my own.

If it's not to much to ask,
please chase me out of here,
please make me bold.

And He left it up to me so we burned it down.
Field and all became a kind gray ash.
Lit by the glow,
this marks a new beginning.
It's my Exodus.

I refuse to make a God of my own.
So don't leave till I return.
This is the day, Rejoice, Rejoice, Rejoice