Harlan T. Bobo - Stop lyrics

I saw you walkin down the street the other day
I went to you, and you just turned away
So I called you on the phone that night
Your roommate says your not home
But uh, I could hear you talkin in the background.
And everytime I go out I run into your friends
And they look at me like I’m some kind of demon
Like I got horns stickin out of my head
Babe…I know you don’t wanna tell me what you’re thinkin
But I’ve got news for you
I can read your mind dear
Know what you’re thinking dear
You can’t hide anything from me
So stop…
Actin so strange.

Now if all of your hopes and your dreams don’t work out the way you planned
Well, I can’t take all the blame for that.
You see I honestly believe what you and I have is somethin precious
Sometimes precious things don’t last
So don’t tell me bout love
Cause my messy feelins they weren’t love
And you can’t hide
You can’t hide
I feel the same as you
I can read your mind, dear.
Know what you’re thinkin, dear.
You can’t hide anything from me
So stop……fa lala flow
Stop stop stop stop stop stop (fa lala flow) stop stop stop stop
Fa lalalala stop stop stop stop stop stop fa lalalalala stop