Harder To Fall - Home lyrics

The ground begins to shake
As everything drifts away
And as they close the door
They'd say don't look down
At everything we ever could call home
I know you'd enjoy every minute

But you weren't even there
Catch me as I fall through the floor
And my fears, I count them all
But as I recall
I see it happening
I close my eyes
You should have let me die
When I fall, my head hits the floor

There was a distant dream
Somewhere out at sea
We'll all float back to shore so patiently
When we finally reach land
It seems to disappear
Until there's nothing
We're miles away

Back into conciousness
I see the dreams are very real
But everybody else
They just sit and stare
While in my mind it all becomes so clear

So I see where this is headed now
Right back to where it all began
But this time there is nothing left
Of that small, quiet town
That we all loved to sing along with
This is the end
And I feel like I am walking down a crowded city street with you
And I keep getting pushed away
I jump and wave my hands
But you don't see I'm drowning in that sea
Twenty feet deep
But I can breathe
I cry for mom
I just want to go home
But home's a dark room full of seams
Where I would say
Theresa, I can't talk but I can scream
I can't think but I can dream
In a world where there is nothing left
A thousand memories have kept
The hope inside your head
Yet we lay awake in bed
The only way to know the nightmare is to never sleep
But sweetheart, I have seen the ghost of honesty
She came here just to lie to me
And tell me that it's better not to feel
Anything at all

So now I see
That spark has just burnt out
I've learned that I'm invisible
I guess I can live with that
When you detach yourself from everything
And barely scratch the surface of the truth
Well I stared death in the face with bloodshot eyes
And slurring speech
Said I'm not convinced these dreams are real at all

There's no sky to look up at
There's no ground below my feet
A fading memory's like shards of glass
A broken window in your past
You say it's just that time of year
You've had to much to drink my dear
It's not because you can't
It's cause you won't
And now I'm lost in my mind
These things they just take time
With broken legs and broken arms I've crept
Through darkness my whole I've kept
I'm lost
You know
You know that it's never a good time to let it go